Tax Calculator

Get an indication of how much tax might be deducted immediately from your cash lump sum (figures shown are to the whole £)
Use this calculator if you meet all of the following criteria
  • you have a personal pension and are taking it all in cash or some of it through Partial Pension Encashment (PPE) 'Personal pensions' covers group or individual personal pensions, group or individual stakeholder pensions, section 32/32A plans, buy out plans, retirement annuity contracts and any individual or assigned policies. It does not cover any occupational trust-based schemes, either Final Salary or Money Purchase. If you are unsure then please call us.
  • and you want to calculate how much tax may be deducted immediately by your provider This calculator won't tell you your end of year tax position.
  • and your annual income is £100,000 or less If your annual income is above this, your personal allowance will be reduced, and you'll pay more tax than that shown in this calculator.
  • and your provider does not have a record of your tax code This could happen if you've already taken a payment through PPE. In this case your provider will deduct tax from your payment at your marginal rate instead of using the emergency tax code and the amount of tax deducted will be different.

Option 1

How much cash are you planning to take (before tax)?
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Option 2

How much cash do you want to receive (after tax)?
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